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    Location:Home ? About Mfab

            MFAB Co,Ltd location in NanHu District JiaXing, which focusing creat high-end MEMS sense chip manufacturing line, provision service for industrial application、aviation and spaceflight and other fields.

            Mfab rely on 6’ FAB line, develop High Performance MEMS accelerometer、MEMS gyroscope sense products, applied to high-end markets such as seismic exploration, Logging While Drilling, inertial navigation, vibration monitoring and so on. Team include well-known MEMS sensor experts,high-end engineers,MFAB now owns IP include high-end MEMS processing, packaging, testing and so on.

            Mfab input using a 700 square meters clean room, Photolithography and Bond area total 150 clean room, class 10 clean grade, Etch, Diffusion, Thin film total 450 square meters, 100 clean grade, It is at present a few class 10 and 100 clean room in China, It is advanced level at high-end MEMS sense fab line. Company have complete MEMS process design and processing services, providing MEMS R&D, processing, testing services for domestic and foreign counterparts.

    MFAB Co,Ltd

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    Tel: 0573-83955172 Fax: 0573-83956667

    E-mail:info@zjmfab.com   Zip code:314000

    Add:Building 2,No.551 Yazhong R.D.,Nanhu district,Jiaxing,Zhejiang